spel informatie: Anime Legends 2.5

Anime Legends 2.5 Beschrijving:

Anime Legends 2 heeft een geheel nieuwe reeks van 18 speelbare personages, variërend van Goku van DBZ, Mihawk van One Piece, Orochimaru van Naruto en Saga Gold Saint van Saint Seiya.

Controle: Player 1: A/D move left/right
K: jump
S: Defense
J: Attack / select
L: sprint
U/I: skills
Player 2: Left/Right Arrow: Move left/right
2: jump
Down Arrow: Defense
1: attack  / select
3: Sprint
4/5: Skills
Use A/D to move between maps and characters. Esc: Go back to Main Menu Anime Legends 2.5 Anime Legends 2.5 takes you on an epic battle between legendary fighters. In version 2.5 two new Saint Seiya Joins the battle: Pegasus and Purple Dragon. Also fixed some bugs and add other UI and music improvements. In version 2.4 two new characters are added: Naruto normal form and Naruto Nine Tail form. In version 2.3 two new characters are added: Cygnus Hyōga the Bronze Saint of Cygnus and Gemini Saga the Gold Saint in the constellation Gemini in Saint Seiya (Sanctuary Arc) Anime Legends 2 has a whole new set of 18 playable characters ranging from Goku from DBZ, Mihawk from One Piece, Orochimaru from Naruto, and Saga Gold Saint from Saint Seiya. Check out the the first version of Anime Legends that include 13 new sets of characters. As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun. Anime Legends 2.5

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