Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom SIM PC by RG Gamers • Year of release in Russia: September 11, 2009 • Developer: Ino-Co • Publisher in Russia: C • Type of publication: license • Interface language: Russian • Voice language: Russian • Tablet: Present • Weight: 1.21 GB 1. Operating system: Microsoft® Windows® 2000 / XP / Vista 2. Processor: Pentium® 4 2 GHz or equivalent Athlon® 64 3. RAM: 1 GB 4. Video card: 3D video adapter with 256 MB memory, compatible with DirectX® 9.0c = 5. Sound card: Sound device compatible with DirectX® 9.0s 6. Free space on hard disk: 4 GB Continuation and development of the best traditions of magnificent Majesty! The second part of the well-known fantasy strategy carefully transfers all the main moments of the predecessor to the modern technological level, while preserving the inimitable atmosphere and unsurpassed corporate humor of Majesty. Each resident of the world of Majesty 2 has a unique appearance and manner of behavior. Heroes can unite in parties, plot against each other and run over to the most prestigious class over time, and various monsters act without hesitation by their desires e hentai . The king-player can vary the degree of his role in what is happening on the territory of the country: a regulator is placed on the control panel, which allows accelerating or slow down the course of events. Genesis Rising: Conquerors of the Universe PC by RG Gamers • Release year: 2007 • Developer: DreamCatcher • Publisher: Akella • Type of publication: license • Interface language: Russian only • Voice language: English • Tabletka: Present • Weight: 4.23 GB 1. Operating system: Windows 2000 / XP 2. Processor: Pentium 4 1.7 GHz 3. Memory: 512 MB 4. Video card: 64 MB, DirectX 9.0 5. Audio card: Compatible with DirectX 9.0 6. Free space on the HDD: 3.2 GB What hides the black infinity of outer space? Are we alone in a large universe? What dangers does the pulsating flicker of alien stars hold? In the distant future, these eternally mind-boggling questions ended to torment the inhabitants of the globe with tormenting obscurity. We got all the answers you need. Now it is clear to us that man is the crown of creation because no matter how infinitely the universe, in the whole cosmos there is no most perfect form of life. And after three thousand years, the time has come to prove it to the races from all the most distant planets. In the intergalactic crusade, earthlings subdued and destroyed: no one was able to withstand organisms - living ships with a variable genocide. The biotechnology of people has made their fleet invincible. Ahead is the extreme limit, behind which the secret of the origin of matter itself is hidden. Genesis Rising is a space strategy in the present tense, which differs from everything that went out in this genre until this time. The player becomes not just a commander spydialer , but a “strategic geneticist”: the characteristics and appearance of the ships under your command can be changed simultaneously. Such a decision in the concept of the game endlessly diversifies the possible tactical and strategic schemes. The magnificent graphics engine, in turn, perfectly reproduces the process of modifying ships. Just one click in the game menu, and the cruiser, as if a living organism, begins to grow a new weapon or multi-functional units. • Over 20 fully customizable giant ships • 50 types of weapons and abilities for combat units • RPG and adventure elements in tactical strategy • Real-time diplomacy and trading • Epic, exciting plot • 30 missions in a non-linear campaign for one player • Multiplayer mode for 12 players

Game information: Majesty 2 & Genesis Rising: - Everything you need to know


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